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My Temporary Times

Hi beautiful Caroline <3 :) thank you for that sweet "get to know me" post. I too am a follower of Christ, rock on! I hope you have lovely day :)

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So very glad you stopped by Miss Taylor! And thank you for taking the time to read it :) I read your little bio thing and you’re from the Pacific Northwest! I think that is so rad and I really have been wanting to go there for so long! You rock on too, my friend. And continue loving Jesus!

Miss Caroline

Hey Y’all

For the sudden flux of followers, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Caroline, I am from the south as you can tell from the title of this post (but somehow I managed to avoid the accent.) I am currently in college studying Studio Art to eventually teach art in international schools across the globe and use that to open more opportunities to travel.

What drives me is my love for Jesus Christ and if that changes any one of y’alls opinions of me then so be it, thats who I am. But let me tell you, that he offers a life of freedom from your sin and life beyond what this world has to offer. So please, if you are ever curious about this stuff, or if you have the same love for Christ as I do, please feel free to message me or we can correspond over email. 

Feel free to message me. 

Happy Monday y’all. 

I think you are beautiful . .

Thanks dear! I appreciate it! Love your blog, definitely followed back! 

You’re a dime!

-Miss Caroline

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Very good. Keep working, thinking and praying!

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Thank you for the encouragement. And wow, your blog, those pictures, that ranch, the animals, the nature. Scrolling through your archive my eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. So very beautiful. Exactly the kind of place I’ve been wanting to visit. 

Keep capturing your days so beautifully with that camera, so I can live vicariously through you, please? Haha and you also keep working, thinking and praying. Thank you for dropping by.

Miss Caroline

I really love your blog, and you. and as for the "lesbian sandals" comment, I kinda laughed. I love my Birkenstocks!! once in a while I'll get a hippy joke but all in good fun. weird how some people can be.

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Haha, why thank you! Your encouragement goes very far. And, hehe, that Birkenstock comment… I guess I’m a little sassier than I thought. But, I love my Birks and all the comments they bring. People can be weird…  but also entertaining!

Thanks so much for stopping by!





Hey fall, I like you.

mytemporarytimes is tumblr famous ok bc she rocks & everyone should follow her she’s gorgeous
As is Dahlia! One of the handful of people I would LOVE to meet one day face to face. Go follow vital-phenomenas go. Now.

Roblogged that on the wrong blog. whoops :)

Hey fall, I like you.

Scenes around The Joint. 

Keep Your Eyes Open -NEEDTOBREATHE

Shelves: Lowe’s cheapest wood and and painted brackets

Item’s; Miscellaneous items collected over the years, 

Wall Decor: recycled crate wood, polyurethane and painted

Chair: thrifted for $20 

Pie Safe: Family antique used as a book shelf

I keep getting obsessed with the lighting in my room and how well these shelves came together.