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My Temporary Times


Just a few selfies of a day I was really happy.
We went out to my great grandparents land and it was a beautiful day. I had just ruined my shirt and I was absolutely okay with it.


my beautiful, creative, and talented friend Caroline designed both of these as potential tattoo ideas. 

for the story behind the sketches, read my post about Lucy here:

thank you, Caroline


WHOAH! scrolling through my dash and seeing my own work! I was not expecting that. Sweet!

Honored to be of help, Emsma! So good to hear from you!

And for my followers… go check this girl out! She’s a longtime friend and an artist with her words. 

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The dear Miss Dahlia challenged me to post a few selfies of… myself… hence “selfie.” I couldn’t narrow them down so I posted all of them. (I’m especially proud of the bottom left.)
The people in these pictures are awesome and I love them dearly.

Putting a beautiful board to good use || I am way to busy this summer.

Just one of those days…

There are a million people “adding to the conversation” everyday. How do you say something worth being heard? As an artist, how do you create something separate from the millions of other pieces of art just like it? How are you seen? how are you heard? 

Answer: You don’t speak to be heard. You don’t create to be seen. You act for yourself and the growth of your own soul. God didn’t create the earth to make an impact on an audience. He was his own audience… and he was pleased with his masterpiece.

Do the same. 

Commission work day.

Mail is fun… when you want it to be.

"Most freedom is found in doing what we were made for. We were not made to follow a set of rules, but for a person; Jesus Christ."    -Julia Friedman

Grandparents House // 4th of July // Magnolia Springs, Alabama 

4th of July // Magnolia River, Alabama

Weeks Creek, Magnolia Springs, Alabama

"Where rivers are the roads."

Magnolia River, Alabama / 4th of July

Panama City Beach, Florida // Easter Weekend

"The sun rose, but not as gloriously as He did"

4th of July // Magnolia River, Magnolia Springs, Alabama

Where rivers are the roads.